Yes Iceland campaign

Já Ísland or the Yes Iceland campaign is a cross-political NGO that consists of pro-European

people and organisations. It is the community of people who want to work towards an

Icelandic membership of the European Union by promoting a favourable membership

agreement and an informative and non-extreme discussions and debates about the European

Union and the possibility of an Icelandic membership.

The Yes Iceland campaign consists of five organisations. They are European Movement

Iceland, Stronger Iceland, European Youth, Independent Europeans (founded by members of

the Independence Party in Iceland) and the Europe watch of the Social Democrats (a branch

of the Social Democratic Party in Iceland).

The people who support the Yes Iceland campaign come from different backgrounds and

have different opinions and views but all agree that the future of Iceland is best served within

the society of different nations in the European Union. Each person from the Yes Iceland

campaign agrees with this based on its own reasons and arguments.

The Yes Iceland campaign bases its existence on its members and voluntary contributions.


Contact us:

Sigurlaug Anna Jóhannsdóttir
Director of the European Movement in Iceland
6973040 – 5178874